25 great years...

drcc ama ashley

It could not have happened without the support of members past and present,  the City of DeLand and the wonderful staff at the DeLand Municipal Airport, the crews of Sperling Sports Complex, and of course, all the spectators and tremendously skilled pilots that turn out each and every year, that have come from all over the country, to make this a first class event.

For our Silver Anniversary, special thanks go out to:

City of DeLand Mayor Robert F. Apgar for the presentation of "Model Aviation Week"

Volusia County Chair Jason P. Davis for cutting the Celebration Cake from Donuts-To-Go

AMA and District 5 Vice President Kris Dixon for his presentation to the club the beautiful plaque you see above, and the contributions to the prize pool for the pilots

Airport Manager John Eiff for helping with area improvements throughout the year

DeLand's U-Fly-It for contributing a prize for a lucky spectator to receive a one hour flight on one of their ultra-light aircraft

and our sponsors this year for generously adding to the pilot prize pool

Academy of Model Aeronautics

Chief Aircraft

Graves Hobbies

Bob's Hobby Center at Steve's Hangar

Alien Aircraft

Fly Guy RC

RC Hobby Apparel

Frank Tiano Enterprises

To any and all that have had a hand in the success of the Festival of Giants, we thank you.

Here's hoping for many more,

Kevin Leisy, DRCC Pres.